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 Pars Kiraz Operasyonu ( Zshare + Megaupload ) Tek Link Download + Online İzle

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Mesaj Sayısı : 1405
Kayıt tarihi : 27/06/09
Yaş : 27

MesajKonu: Pars Kiraz Operasyonu ( Zshare + Megaupload ) Tek Link Download + Online İzle   Paz Tem. 05, 2009 12:13 am

Director : Osman Sinav
Writers : Aybars Bora Kahyaoglu (screenplay)
Osman Sinav (screenplay)
Release Date : 20 April 2007 (Turkey)
Genre : Action | Crime | Drama
Plot summary for Pars: Kiraz Operasyonu ( Pars: Operation Cherry ) : In
a very dangerous police operation famous undercover Narcotic agent
Ertugrul faces with a puzzling situation. Unfortunately he gets killed
along with his wife in front of their children before he solves the
secret in the dark labyrinths of the world of drugs. Sixteen years
later, his older son Attila, who has grown up to be a Narcotic officer
with the nickname "Panther", will seek his revenge. In a narcotic
operation, Attila along with his partner Asena, who is a female
narcotic officer, they seize a huge amount of drugs that belongs to
infamous drug kingpin Hashasi who is disguised himself as a respectable
industrialist Vahdet Bozcan. Vahdet who has strong ties with
politicians, pressures the authorities to post Attila to another job.
Attila being demoted and striped from all his privileges desperately
tries to find his way out. On top of everything, Atilla looses his only
brother Tayfun to a drug related crime and gets into depression. With
the support of Asena and his colleagues Atilla puts himself together
and unofficially starts pursuing Hashasi known as Vahdet Bozcan. In
this long run, Attila pursues Vahdet from Turkey to Holland from France
to Greece and from Monaco to mysterious streets of Istanbul and the
drug infested schools of Istanbul. This time Attila is determined to
find the killers of both his father and his brother while fighting
against the drug network that starts from the top officials of the
country and ends up in schools. With the help of Inci, a guidance
teacher in the school of his late brother Tayfun, and Asena, Attila
finds his way out but only to be lost in a love triangle between these
two women. But he has a mission to complete. Attilla is ready to
sacrifice everything even his life to the fight against drugs.
Cast :
Mehmet Kurtulus ... Atilla Karahan
Nida Safak ... Asena
Selçuk Yöntem ... Kadir Zebari
Murat Daltaban ... Hashasi
Pelin Batu ... Inci
Haluk Piyes ... Tayfun Karahan
Ugur Polat ... Ertugrul Karahan
Udo Kier ... Klaus Kayman
Duygu Sen ... Beril
Erdal Cindoruk ... Narcotic Chief
Koray Ergun ... Deputy
Zuhal Gencer ... Beril's Mother
Damla Özen ... Dilek Karahan
Turgut Tuncalp ... Young Hashasi
Baris Bagci ... Young Kadir
IMDB : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0884805/

Format : Avi. ( DVD Rip. )
Size : 999 Mb.
Resolution : 512*276
Time : 02.19.51

Pars Kiraz Operasyonu ( Zshare Download Link )

Pars Kiraz Operasyonu ( Megaupload Download Link )

Pars Kiraz Operasyonu ( Megavideo Watch Online Link )
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Pars Kiraz Operasyonu ( Zshare + Megaupload ) Tek Link Download + Online İzle
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